Butte State Bank

About the project:


"Butte State Bank was a client of my father's many years ago. When they called me in 2017, they were initially just looking for some help selecting new floor coverings. After our initial design meeting, however, it was clear that the Board of Directors was ready to update to the bank's overall look. Design and construction took about 12 months, and the results are just right: polished and professional but in-keeping with their small town roots." 


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Client: Butte State Bank

Construction: 2018

Builder: Mueller Lumber Company

Boys & Girls Club

About the exterior:


"The inspiration for the exterior design came from considering how kids build club houses for themselves; their use of found materials and their willingness to experiment. The challenge was to arrive at a cohesive design that exuded a sense of playfulness and ingenuity."

Upon its completion in October of 2016, this 25,000 square foot facility was referred to as a model for future Boys & Girls Clubs across the United States. It has a fairly complex program because it serves multiple age groups and treats each one differently. Located directly adjacent to the middle school, the facility is easily accessed by students who had previously been under-served with after-school programming. The club also accommodates elementary students who arrive by bus, and high school students who arrive by car.  The central hub of the building consists of shared spaces: a divided gymnasium, a kitchen/snack counter, and administrative offices.


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Client: Boys & Girls Club

Construction: 2015-16

Builder: Welfl Construction Corp.

South Dakota Magazine
This two-story addition to South Dakota Magazine included four offices, a two-story library and conference room, an accessible restroom, and a kitchenette.


From the Client:


"Calling Mannes Architects was one of the smarter business decisions we’ve made in a while. We’re really proud of the finished space and it has made a big difference in our staff efficiency and happiness here at South Dakota Magazine. I hope we grow enough to call Sarah again for something. It was a great experience and I know it saved us money and mistakes."


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Client: South Dakota Magazine

Construction: 2013-14

Builder: Kisch Construction

Yankton School District
Administration Building, Repair Shop & Bus Barn

Client: Yankton School District 63-3

Construction: 2009-10

Builder: James Steel Erection


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Kolberg Pioneer, Inc.
Training Center, Expansion, & Remodel

Client: Kolberg Pioneer, Inc.

Construction: 2008

Builder: Welfl Construction


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